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Episode 8- The Science of Aligning with GOD w/ Nick Pereira AKA Nakula Das

Episode 8- The Science of Aligning with GOD w/ Nick Pereira AKA Nakula Das

August 12, 2019


Listen to this enlightening and educational discussion with one of my mentors and coaches Nick Pereira a.k.a Nakula Das who is a very inspiring and motivational Yogi that will make you want to learn about the science of getting happy. We have a lively discussion on what Yoga means, who God Is, Eastern versus Western religion, and all those esoteric things that Yogi's talk about that we don't always understand! Listen to our discussion as we talk about Self Mastery, Yogic Principles, and lots of Limitless Oscillating Vibrational Energy. 

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Episode 7- Past Lives, Spiritual Contracts w Spiritual Medium Linda Hack

Episode 7- Past Lives, Spiritual Contracts w Spiritual Medium Linda Hack

August 3, 2019

Is there a spiritual reason for a person to incarnate into a very painful life?

Some mediums and mystics and the Akashic Records say, Yes. Some say on a soul level we may choose these lives to accomplish many things; help the collective, flex new muscles. Listen to this lively discussion with Spiritual Medium, Linda Hack. We are talking Soul Contracts, Light Language, Shamanic Healing, Reincarnation, and Past Lives!!! So much happening here. It’s good!!! I apologize in advance for some choppy editing there was some hurricanes happening in Florida so we had to chop some pieces out.  Past life Regressions and Past Life Soul Retrievals are very helpful for getting to the bottom of unexplainable issues you may be having. I have seen many of mine and learned very interesting things that have helped me to reclaim my voice, make sense of horrific traumas and tragedies and get a deeper understanding of my higher calling. Book a session with me to get more info. 

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Power and Purpose of Light Language

August 16-17th, 2019 in Fort Lauderdale, FL 

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Episode 6-Transformational Energy Healing & The Power of Words w Christy Warnick

Episode 6-Transformational Energy Healing & The Power of Words w Christy Warnick

July 26, 2019

Listen to this interesting discussion with fellow Energy Healer and Intuitive Christy Warnick as we talk about the Transformational Power of Words. Get a sample of some of her innovative work and listen to some techniques she uses to shift her clients out of the stories that hurt, by shifting the energy around the basic structures of the triggered narrative. Sounds interesting right? She also shares some free energy healing techniques and tools you can begin to apply right here right now. Talking to her is a little like talking to my higher self-a very different energy and experience that is freeing and uplifting. We have a fascinating discussion about the Higher Self, God, Energy Healing, The Quantum Matrix, and the transformational power of the work we get to do. I highly recommend working with her if you are healing anything in your life and looking to make a shift!

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Episode 5-A Serious Discussion about CBD with Industry Leader & Expert Shira Adler

Episode 5-A Serious Discussion about CBD with Industry Leader & Expert Shira Adler

July 9, 2019


Thinking of adding CBD to your wellness regimen? But don't know which products to try? Listen to this lively conversation with the "The Marijuana Mama" Shira Adler  who is an industry Leader & Expert, Advocate, Activist and Author of " THE ABC"S OF CBD who teaches that "POT" is not what we thought.  She is a recognized media-wellness personality seen on Bravo, Good Morning America, The Today Show and more. I learned so much from our conversation, even after reading her book and found the science behind what it does for the brain and body fascinating. I think her products are a fantastic addition to a MIND, BODY, SOUL WELLNESS PLAN that I live by and promote for anyone seeking to find balance, heal from trauma, and manage their mental health with or without pharmaceutical medications.  CBD can help with many health issues. It is personally helping me make positive changes to my diet and helping with chronic digestion issues. We talk about getting to the heart of your issues  THE GUT-BRAIN CONNECTION WHICH IS THE LATEST RESEARCH RELATED TO  MENTAL HEALTH WELLNESS. Whether you know a little or know a lot, or you are looking to find high quality CBD products, this is a show you are not going to want to miss.

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Alexis Serrano
Urban Mystic, Suicide Survivor
Shamanic Transpersonal Energy Healer
Mental Health Recovery & Coherence Coach
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Trauma /Grief / Loss/ Addiction/ Co-Dependency

Episode 4-Loving a Woman with Chronic Illness w/ Tara Mandarano

Episode 4-Loving a Woman with Chronic Illness w/ Tara Mandarano

June 25, 2019

Episode 4-Loving a Woman with Chronic Illness w/ Tara Mandarano 

This week I am talking to Tara Mandarano a wife, mother, and mental health advocate that blogs about living with Bi-Polar II, Seasonal Affective Disorder, PMDD, and Fibromyalgia. I was inspired by her blog post How to Love a Woman with Chronic Illness. 

Whether you are struggling with mental health issues; diagnosed or not, or know someone that struggles, there is a little something for everyone. We have an engaging dialogue about the gut/brain connection, medication,getting diagnosed, erasing stigma, being grateful to the people that love us, and getting to the root of the issue. For more information about Tara Mandarano you can connect with her here.

If you think you are struggling with Bi-Polar please check in with your healthcare professional before stopping medication, but you can also check out the book I mention in the show called Healing Depression & Bipolar Without Drugs here. This book personally helped me tremendously. 

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Alexis Serrano, Urban Mystic, Suicide Survivor, Shamanic Transpersonal Healer & Mental Health Coach

Guiding Woman & Trauma Survivors Back to their Power

Episode 3- Healing Addiction w/ Kelsi Bates

Episode 3- Healing Addiction w/ Kelsi Bates

June 3, 2019

Struggling with an addiction and wanting to explore alternative paths and methods?

You won't want to miss out on this Fantastic Interview with Addiction Recovery Coach & Divine Feminine Mentor, Kelsi Bates who not only quit her addiction cold turkey, but found the courage to step into radical self love and self care. She talks about Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the power of the subconscious mind, radical self love, and the huge importance of connection and community.

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Episode 2- Empathy, Strength, & The Wholehearted

Episode 2- Empathy, Strength, & The Wholehearted

May 28, 2019

WHY DO SOME PEOPLE SEEM TO LACK EMPATHY, WHILE OTHERS SEEM TO HAVE TOO MUCH OF IT? Why is having empathy and compassion for others seen as a weakness instead of strength; when so much data, research, and spiritual teachings from many various religions recognize it as the traits of the evolved, the wise, and the strong? Listen to my take on this and hear why I think it's a huge problem that is leading to Empathy Deficit Disorder and how a lack of information and education by the masses is creating deep stigma, that is preventing people from coming getting help. Learn about what empathy is, how you can recognize a person that doesn't have it, cope, and how you can develop greater compassion and emotional intelligence. 


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Episode 1- Therapy & Mystical Beginnings

Episode 1- Therapy & Mystical Beginnings

May 13, 2019

A mystic is a person who believes in unseen realities, one who seeks to have a personal connection with the Divine/ Source/ God, and their own higher nature. My path as a mystic / shaman; and my relationship with source, God, and the Divine has been at the backbone of my healing and spiritual journey. I have been guided to heal myself of numerous things over the years, and then guided in 2014 to heed my calling as a Shamanic Healer and Spiritual Entrepreneur.  Listen to the story of my spiritual awakening 17 years ago, when I was first led to therapy, and started having profound dreams, astral experiences, syncronicities, and guided to permanently heal an eating disorder.  


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Podcast Into; Trauma Survivors Need More Love

Podcast Into; Trauma Survivors Need More Love

May 7, 2019

The Whitelightninja Way is a podcast by and for women and trauma survivors and thrivers at various stages of the healing journey. The show is about; healing, education,authenticity, and transformation. Merging the mystical, esoteric, and academic with the mundane. 


Hosted by; Alexis Serrano an Urban Mystic, Spiritual Entrepreneur, Suicide Survivor, and Trauma Recovery Coach. 


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